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Download Link: http://www.hulkshare.com/w25wn1v6jegw

Soundcloud Link: http://soundcloud.com/drt-mindz/sets/f-t-w-1

Soundcloud Embed Code:

02.The Kill
03.Mary Jane (Extended) (ft. Yahtzee)
04.Shots (ft. Jose El Voz)
06.Rebel Music
07.Ms. Keato
08.Apathetic Rhapsody (Interlude)
09.What I Need
10.High Enough (ft. Yahtzee Jahni Haze)
11.Solid Gold (ft. Treva La Viva)

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/drtmindz

Twitter: @DRT_Minded

Mix Tape Description:

The Madison, WI based rookie hip hop group DRT MiNDZ recently released their debut mix tape "F.T.W." The mix tape contains 12 tracks and has features from Yahtzee, Jahni Haze and Treva La Viva. All the beats, engineering and production were done by FreeQuenC in his studio "Blue Dream". The lyrics of the tape are pretty much split down the middle between FreeQuenC and Sillabul. The mixtape starts out with the raucous, “The Kill”, FreeQuenC begins the track by dedicating it "to all the hypocritical critics" informing them that he and Sillabul don't belong classified under typical rap stereotypes. Next up is "Liberation" a track that speaks on many levels about the role of media in society and the general gun control issue that's been raging recently. On "Shots" the guys live up to their F.T.W. attitude; downing shots and flipping birds to the cops at a massive house party. "Mary Jane" is the oldest track on the mix tape, but the intoxicatingly catchy hook, reefer oriented lyrics and smooth, jazzy melody make it a crowd favorite. Next up FreeQuenC showcases his lyrical and rhythmic abilities on "Isolation", a track dealing with loneliness, paranoia and separation from society. Sillabul takes the lead on "Rebel Music" a rebellious track which pays homage to Kanye West's "Addiction" with the hook's cadence. This brings us to “Ms. Keato”, a conceptual record that tells the tale of a wild night out at the bar and that “ratchet chick” moment most of us have encountered before. This is the most light hearted and humorous track on the mix tape by far. "Apathetic Rhapsody" is psychedelic instrumental interlude by FreeQuenC using samples from Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in ways no other producer has ever quite done it. Another shining stand out track, "What I Need", addresses the many needs, wants, desires of FreeQ and Sillabul. Quirkly Introspective lyrics, innovative sampling and unique break down make this track a must listen. The undeniable anthem for stoners, reefers, potheads, and weed lovers "High Enough" gets people moving with an extremely catchy beat and a hook featuring a Marvin Gaye sample encouraging the listener to smoke until they're high enough and then some. Bringing the tempo back down is "Solid Gold" a mellow track in which FreeQuenC addresses his love of music and the reasons he makes it. The hook, written by Sillabul, is the most elaborately orchestrated of the mix tape. Bringing the tape to a close is "Angel". A personal favorite of both FreeQ and Sillabul the track is an ode to a long lost love. Sillabul's deeply metaphoric and intense verses compliment the lullaby-esque simplicity of the hook, but FreeQuenC's guitar solo is what separates this track from the rest and gives us a glimpse of what might be in store for us in the future. Overall "F.T.W." is a fantastically entertaining mix tape. It keeps the listener engaged with the perfect mixture of humor, introspection, love, hate and of course, drugs. DRT MiNDZ is unafraid to bend genres and think outside of the box, offering a refreshing dose of authenticity. These guys are just getting started and I can't wait to hear what they come out with next.


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